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Nose correction

Nose correction

Nose correction is one of the most frequently performed procedures in our clinic. In the hands of an experienced surgeon, rhinoplastics can fundamentally change your appearance, correct congenital or acquired respiratory defects. Nose correction leads to considerable improvement of the overall vision of the face and the self-esteem of the patient. If you are not pleased with your nose, you wish to change its size or shape, remove the hump, narrow the nostrils, lift the tip making it straight or slightly snub, then we can help you.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emil Georgiev will discuss with you the structure of the nose and your preferences. He will suggest you the best balance in the lines of the face. With the help of a computer he will simulate your new appearance, size and shape of the nose. As opposed to the general ideas, the age is not a limitation. Rhinoplastics is applied both to young men and women at the age of 14 or older whose parents would not like their children to have complex because of a genetic family trait, as well to 50-60 year-old ladies and gentlemen.

Yet, the rhinoplastics remains one of the most complicated operations in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery. Irrespectively of whether it is undertaken due to aesthetic reasons or due to medical indications, rhinoplastics is an operation requiring responsibility and attention. The effect is visible at first sight and remains with you for the rest of your life. Only the choice of a plastic surgeon with considerable professional experience and reputation in the field can guarantee you the desired results.

The Procedure

By means of small incisions in the interior part of the nostrils, precisely and correctly, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emil Georgiev models the nose, reduces its length, removes the hump, and narrows the tip of your nose. If it is necessary, he will correct any congenital or acquired respiratory defects and will position the nasal wall symmetrically.

Duration: 30-60 minutes
Anesthesia: Depending on the patient preferences operation is performed under local or general anesthesia. The patient may go home or remain under medical supervision in the clinic.

Recovery period:

Pain: No pain, slight discomfort for 2-3 days
Swelling: 4-6 weeks; numbness of surrounding tissues for 6 and more weeks
Bruising: for 3-7 days
Bandages: for 7- 12 days
Daily activities and work: Return to work without physical activity– in 10-14 days; physical work – in 21 days
Exercise& Fitness: in 4-8 weeks
Final result: approximately 3-12 months. After removing the plaster you will get a basically preview how your new nose will look like, but the swelling will gradually decrease up to the end of 6-12 month.

The preoperative consultation is the first step and at the same time, an important part of the process of construction of your new vision. We will let you into the opportunities and the full potential but also into the limitations of each of the suggested interventions. We will analyze your face and body and listen to your desires because everybody has his/her own aesthetical ideas, individual wishes and aims. Our main priority will always be to achieve the cherished appearance which would give you an impulse and inspiration for daily triumphs and self-confidence inspiring respect.

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